Summer 2020 Studio Update

June 27, 2020
June 27, 2020 Rachael Kozak


As the entire globe slowly starts to recover from the initial lockdowns and mass public restrictions brought about by the first wave of the all too well known COVID-19 Virus, PENTAGRAM.STUDIO stands steadfast in our vision, productions and proclivities.  Our Head Mistress has been lucky to start the reopening of Vienna with a full art exhibition which is hanging in the legendary SM/ART Cafe on Köstlergasse 9 1060 – five minutes from the Studio HQ.  She has presented the public with a selection of new Collages, Paintings and drawings both large and smaller scale.  The Vernissage went well on May 22nd and she continues to add pieces as she feels fit.  Be sure to check these out this summer as her work continues to grace the famous bar!

We are happy to announce that our founder and Head Mistress has another exciting rather HUGE performance and installation exhibition now confirmed for this coming Oktober here in Vienna.  Taking over a 250 square meter gallery space for three weeks alongside other hand selected International Artists, she will present and even more expansive and public presentation of the sight, sound and physicality which permeates our Studio HQ!  FOLLOW OUR 1000 FOLLOWER STRONG FACEBOOK PAGE FOR THE MOST UP TO DATE NEWS ON THE STUDIO!

Regarding the status of the STUDIO HQ, as it is a private atelier… Things have been going as they normally have been…. Many meetings about upcoming film projects, exhibitions, furniture design ideas and even more intense interior design.  The studio never looked better than it does at the moment!  Our Head Mistress has painted the Pentagram and almost finished with her bespoke coffin design, including all of the metal inlaid panels – using bronze, copper and steel.

July brings another exciting addition to what is now functioning as the original altar space.  Tons of solid steel bars have been ordered and design laid out for the next of our interior concept installations.  Mid month will see the build up of an all new, never seen before suspension unit which was designed by her and a PENTAGRAM.STUDIO supporter and craftsman.  The addition of the shining steel will up the ante by juxtaposing the raw wood constructions up against the cold metal, almost sci-fi structures.

In terms of how this space can and will be used in the future, not much has changed from the original concept, even in light of the supposed “New Normal” restrictions.  PENTAGRAM.STUDIO HQ was never meant as a real party venue and continues so, we always conceptualized the space to be a bit more private and geared towards serving as a hub for creative types to have their fantasies inspired, recorded and also showcased in this rather other-worldly sprawling space.  What has been bolstered in the midst of the pandemic is the streaming capabilities through TWITCH and other platforms – as well as our new more International approach – which will be presented this coming month through International Studio Memberships.  Details to be revealed after the next of our structures are installed.

CONCERNING RENTALS, SCREENINGS and EVENTS – We will have a new section with options and infos available for you all in the coming weeks.  As always, if you are an artist who has an interior design or lighting concept, a video team who wants to film, or would like to present a creative project feel free to write to info<@> for a booking.  Private showings of the furniture and studio are always available as usual.  Keep in mind, our Head Mistress is a primarily Nocturnal Creature so early appointments are not conducive to her schedule unless there is no other way to schedule for you.

It is rather obvious to see our Head Mistress has alot on her hands in terms of work load, especially in recovery from the entire Virus shutdown.  She withdrew a bit from social media after the Vernissage just to regroup the vision and concepts, as well as getting a new look going inside the STUDIO HQ. More action on Instagram and Twitter to follow soon enough! If you have extra time and energy in your schedule and are based around Vienna we also have need for extra hands to help with the physical labor of the studio.  Everything from cleaning and upkeep to light and art installation and organization – to social media and publicity are welcome.  For an initial interview, send your CV or personal infos and what you have to offer as well as your schedule to our Head Mistress at info >@>  We are always interested in the next models and video stars as well, which goes without saying!

On that note… we urge you to stay safe out there – if only for the selfish reasons that we want to exchange energy and art well past this current crisis and take things further for all of us into the world of HORROR. FANTASY. FETISH. than any of us have before!

Stay tuned and speak soon!