First Ever Feature Interview with our HEAD MISTRESS in ANTICHRIST MAGAZINE!

November 25, 2020
November 25, 2020 Rachael Kozak


Greetings Demons!

We are very happy to present to you the first ever feature interview focussing on the PENTAGRAM.STUDIO LAB HQ concept which was conducted over email in the past month between our HEAD MISTRESS and  Carlä Morten from ANTICHRISTMAGAZINE!

Detailing the building process and also going into depth about her recent art exhibitions and upcoming music projects… It is a pleasure to be able to disseminate some infos and share our works from down in the BUNKER with continued support from the Heavy Metal world!



To coincide with the release of this Interview – You can now find a separate and dedicated page for our Founder and Mastermind under the LAB HQ section here!   Finally feeling like it was time to “come out” as she is well known and respected through decades of action and hard work under several different pseudonyms in many facets of Extreme Culture and Art, our HEAD MISTRESS has taken it upon herself to answer some important questions about her own division of labor and creativity these days.

If you are interested in interviewing her for your publication … feel free to write to

Enjoy the read and stay tuned as there will be alot of new pix, vids, and membership infos coming up to you soon!!


Be well and Stay Metal!