December 2, 2020
December 2, 2020 Rachael Kozak




With one month left of what has presented itself to likely be the most memorable of years on current record, TEAM PENTAGRAM.STUDIO have brought together our most lascivious tales and takes on what shall remain as our primary focus – forever built upon the impenetrable foundation of our three favorite things. Never to fix a wheel that is not broken, the prescription for immortality remains indecipherable to but a few. This Incantation which unfolds in your primate hands preternaturally serves as a spell, enlivening the appetite for even  more filth and fury.

Steering clear of any and all political discourse, FEVER MAGAZINE, aims to bring the rather unchampioned substratas of extreme sex, art, horror and occultism to the forefront. Inspired by the redundant banalities of corporate sanctioned censorship and social control mechanisms which proliferate through the influx of ever present technology, I envisioned this publication as an object to be passed around… found in some cool friends toilet, on the corner of your local messed up bar, in that coffee shop you go to fawning to prove your intellectual prowess by walking out with some high end porn. With the Age of Enlightenment surely past, the Dark Age of Love hangs pale in the twilight zone of what remains yet unmasked.

Driving this first and all further publications forward, of course, is the layout which remains as far out of the world of digital graphic design as we can get. Solidifying the bastion inherent to the physicality of the printed page – all of FEVER MAGAZINE is a literal cut and paste rape of countless vintage porn and fetish magazines both gifted and collected through the past year here in the BUNKER LAB HQ of our Vienna based PENTAGRAM.STUDIO. Passing hours together and alone drenched in desires unheeded – we bring forth our first collection which serves to set up the ever disciplined sanctions that shall recur in future editions.

WHO THE FUKK IS?!! WORD ON THE STREET. UNSER VIDEOTEST. TOP TE(E)NS, DESPERATELY SEEKING and our BUNKER LAB HQ REPORTS shall succor as mainstays here at FEVER MAGAZINE. Due to the derangement precipitated by the first of many upcoming plagues, our original vision to keep these revelations as “hard copy only” has fallen to the wayside. You will be able to find several of these texts on our site, however as FEVER was conceived to proliferate your lives and lusts in the physical realm, each edition will be available in ltd edition signed and hand numbered copies.

Worldwide pre- orders are available now! Just inquire with our HEAD MISTRESS for infos!!