Mid Winter Update 2021

February 23, 2021
February 23, 2021 Rachael Kozak

Looks can be Deceiving – As we all know.

We bask in the mysterious – taunting and challenging you on every level of perception.  Taking anything – or anyone – for granted is met rather unenthusiastically here at PENTAGRAM.STUDIO BUNKER LAB HQ.   For with the convenience and safety of presumptions and forthright projections comes the burgeoning boundaries to which we have always sought to transcend.  In a world transfixed on pre-approved and politically correct proclivities, we continue to uphold the mast which bears the freedom to express ourselves not only aesthetically, nor even pansexually – nor in fact publicly whatsoever.

There may be times of solemn silence, others of outright aggression.  Of ineffable beauty and the shining, dripping splendor of creation and contagion.  As the paragon presents itself immaculate in its imperfection – our atelier and showroom continues to crush all preconceptions as the bastion of perplexity endures.

Some of you may be bewildered as to how we can never stop coming up with such ripping Rock n Roll bad attitude to be followed by grace, poise and prose.  Juxtaposing both the outlandish and crass alongside the refined elegance of ages long lost spearheads the unequivocally bright shadow play which shall remain truest of features found within this domain.  With such an outpouring of fantasy, phantasms and full blast phenomenons – PENTAGRAM.STUDIO has now completed its full solar rotation – and now steadily making its way into the second year of operation in VIENNA´s 5th District.

Heavy labours of Love, Lust and Art have given way to many upcoming productions which we are happy to be able to present to you now in 2021.  Never having had the option to officially open the doors for events or the workshops, exhibitions or screenings we had originally planned due to the timing of this rather insipid construct of the “great reset” under the guise of a global pandemic role play  – We have done our utmost best to work around the limitations of the week to we(a)k fading light of liberty found far and near.

First on the list to admonish – is the rather entertaining piece which was shot before the turn of the year by a group of energetic film students from the Vienna Film Akadamie of our dear Head Mistress, Rachael Kozak-Salmi aka Hecate, completing one of her many mosaic pieces found inside of the Bunker HQ.  This “HOW-TO” video project ends up more as a punk rock DIY comedy than anything else! Keeping things fun and fresh as ever, we are happy to be able to present the trailer to you now.  The entire piece is not available to be viewed as it is in review and waiting acceptance to film festivals at the moment…. So here is the trailer in the meantime… And we wish the best to Magdelene and her gifted young film crew! It was a pleasure…. and yes… as painstaking as it was, always a raucous ride – don´t forget the Prosecco! 🙂


Next up for all Demons, Acolytes, Servants, Sukkbi, and the like….. Exactly what you all have been patiently awaiting…. yes…. it has finally taken shape and will appear in hard copy by the beginning of the coming month…. that is correct our dearest friends and foes! FEVER CITIZINE ED1 …………… The real uncensored, unrepentant, unforgiving full color publication born out of months lewd talks, laughs and even more languorous interludes!

As you can see… FEVER CITIZINE ED1 has laid the blueprint for what shall become a legendary divulgation through already planned future editions.  Shirking the confines of digital media, corporate censorship and the status quo – Head Mistress HECATE has put together a CITY ZINE pieced together from some of her most treasured of collaborators works and their ponderings, innumerable vintage porn/fetish mags, countless hours of endless nights – all to bring some spirit to the streets! Putting some color back in your cheeks and fresh fantasies added to the blasphemies…. WE ARE EVER SO PROUD TO SAY…… WE TRULY ARE FEVER CITIZENS OF FEVER CITIZINE!

Infos on orders and yes yes…. We keep promising (and will always deliver) … INTERNATIONAL MEMBERSHIPS shall be forthcoming in the coming weeks.  Granted, our immense collection of extreme high quality fetish and fantasy videos are burgeoning in the hard drives.  Everything takes its time to take shape in these fast paced days – with so many projects on the rise we say to you… STAY TUNED… 2021 will be a year you will never forget!




With one last bit of Trivia ——————————

We are PROUD TO SAY…………………………

HEAD MISTRESS HECATE has really outdone herself again….

Now ranked as the 2nd most Famous Occultist/Mystics out there!