Welcome to the debut of PENTAGRAM.STUDIO – VIENNA LAB HQ Est. JANUARY 2020

Serving as a showroom and testing site to our custom designed collection of Fantasy Furniture and hand crafted accessories, our newly built Vienna base is now available for private showings and testing.  Founded as a conceptual art installation which also serves as the set for upcoming films and videos, our Studio´s Head Mistress has broken all boundaries in Fetish Furniture and Interior Design.  Our VIENNA LAB HQ came together with the strength, knowledge and vision of a hand selected group of Austrian based designers and craftsmen who are proud to present their work under the PENTAGRAM banner. 

As a private collection of our Founder´s own large scale paintings, prints, sculptures, and mosaics the LAB HQ also exists as creative space for like minded souls who prefer to test the limits in both aesthetics and philosophy.  

Always a work in progress, PENTAGRAM.STUDIO is delighted to bring to you the first collection our Head Mistress has manifested beginning this January 2020.  Already planned for this coming April the studio will additionally serve as a gallery to feature International Artists which fit the PENTAGRAM approach. 


Combining the morbid with the mysterious and the fantastic with the frightful – our Founder´s fascination with all things out of the ordinary has generated a current of fresh ideas, inventions and constructions which serve to excite both the sexual and the spiritual.  Always keeping a rather light hearted approach to some very sinister aspects of the human experience – this first collection and showcase of her´s also draws upon the playful as it is her view that humour is an integral part in the process of delving into the bizarre and sometimes terrifying world of extreme art and sexuality.

Established as base for those who also prefer to dwell beyond the constraints of corporate culture and mass produced design, PENTAGRAM.STUDIO welcomes photographers, musicians, performers, film makers, fashion designers and artists to utilize the otherworldly and rather bewitching environment we have striven to our utmost to present to you.  Your concepts for shooting in PENTAGRAM.STUDIO LAB HQ are welcome by writing to the Founder here.  Private viewings and testing some of our equipment yourself can also be arranged with advance notice and upon agreement with the Head Mistress of the Lab.