PENTAGRAM.STUDIO features all original hand-crafted designs brought to life by two teams of artisans and woodworkers who fashioned the extraordinary Fantasy Furniture the Founder conceptualized for this film set and installation.  Our PROTOTYPES are now in testing.

THE MOUNTAIN TEAM – High up in the Alps, in a region not frequented by many, dwell a shifting team of gifted and hard working folk who prefer the vast wild to the cityscapes.  Armed with a plethora of tools, lumber and minds geared towards the magickal – this group of artists delivered an abundance of one of a kind equipment which graces the new LAB HQ.   From the bespoke metal masks fashioned from copper and leather, to the two meter hardwood Pentagram adorning the Great Hall … Every piece adds to the enchanting atmosphere we sought to bring to you.  With the inclusion of the NEW – NEVER SEEN BEFORE – SEX CRANK (version 1 and 2) – we bring to you heavy duty gear which can be as detrimental as it can be delightful.  Rough wooden Stocks based on medieval torture devices. Biting handmade and sculpted Whips. The massive whipping Horse saddled with copper. Our Founder´s own custom designed Coffin complete with teasing panels.  These acquisitions and commissions serve to strengthen the unique vibe we went out of our way to bring into being.  For inquiries on the availability of the team fashioning items just as unique for you write to us here.

VIENNA TEAM – The Head Mistress recruited another team here to help construct the stage and architectural features which were required to transform the once barren cellar into her playground.  As a fan of Glory Holes herself, she knew exactly the builder to collaborate with.  There are two types of glory hole builders on Earth, The Czech Glory Hole experts and the rest!  This is precisely why our Vienna building team is headed by an originally Czech Glory Hole aficionado and talented carpenter who fashioned not only the stage but the first ever Czech designed GLORY DOOR which is found at the entrance to our toilette.  In the Head Mistress´s free time, she scours second markets and antique shops looking for pieces she can manipulate to turn into original toys which serve as PROTOTYPES to her ever increasing collection of perverse and playful objects.  

Rounding off the Vienna design team with other enthusiastic members, our Founder´s personal hand painted leather collection came to life by the hand of a very skilled tattooist who is available upon commission. PENTAGRAM.STUDIO LAB is proud to bring forth their first offerings in 2020. For contact and inquiries on acquiring one of a kind gear for your collection, contact us here….