As you are aware, PENTAGRAM.STUDIO is graced by one of a kind furnishings which prompted us to craft this immense showcase in our studio HQ.  Serving as props and decor for upcoming film and photo projects, these multi-use objects stretch the imagination of the user with versatility and fantastic possibilities dependent upon the scene in mind.  Our mountain design crew suited out the STUDIO HQ with four massive, never seen before creations crafted from an assortment of fine and raw woods.   Our initial first round of tests have been completed and the new Studio Stage set to take them even further.


We conceptualized this collection at the very beginning of the imaginings of PENTAGRAM.STUDIO.  First up to be ordered and designed was the CALIGARI CASKET, the angles taken from the Ramones flask given as a gift to our Head Mistress in Osaka on one of her many visits.  The kink factor blasts up to 11 with the edition of the five geometric panels which can be removed for all types of games and endless camera angles.  Measuring just under two meters  to perfect fit our Head Mistress, the Casket is lined with grey foam sound proofing panels to dampen the screams or moans from inside.   As the first of our vampyric Prototypes, she completed the interior design of her rather esoteric coffin with a montage of Sid Vicious news headlines – bringing the heavy lacquered black and gold exterior to a new level with a nod to the everlasting link between goth and punk.  Morbid, of course! Morose, our pleasure!

This piece stands as testament to the immortality of bad attitude which harkens even worse intentions. We are open to creating and designing your own PENTAGRAM KINK CASKET based on your desires and lusts.  Prices upon request. Private showings by appointment only.



Serving as the main focal point of PENTAGRAM.STUDIO HQ, our massive hardwood masterpiece is securely fixed to withstand several uses.  The debacle of bringing our awesome piece in to the studio started with a rather hysterical attempt to even get it down our stairs and into the Bunker HQ! After several attempts, our second building team, based in Vienna, had to come and disassemble the piece. Going onto reassembly and then finally mounting it to the wall, the Head Mistress first decided that a basic white background would serve best to reflect the light.  Now it can be found painted abstractly to feature in an upcoming photo series and films.

Regularly oiled with Linseed Oil, we keep the darker hardwood in shape to recover from the ropes and chains which adorn it.  A group decision to keep the rather cliche bondage hooks off of the piece is also a statement in minimalism.  As the space between the background and dark wood star leaves enough freedom to wrap as many ropes or chains through it…. the basic BDSM accouterments prove themselves completely unnecessary.

Once again, this is the first of our original sketches brought to life for the Studio HQ.  We are able to fashion different versions based off of this one in several types of wood and in different sizes.  Prices upon request. Private showings by appointment only.



Another original design crowning our stage is the Bloodthrone standing an imposing 2 meters tall and made out of a gorgeous piece of hardwood.  This experiment in furniture structure and design collapses into movable parts and can be put together without any screws or bolts by way or wooden wedges that slide into place.  This unique piece fashioned for our Head Mistress was stained with Bull´s Blood and the top eye of the back piece singed in a ritual fire.  Prices upon request. Private showings by appointment only.



Rounding off our mountain crafted bespoke collection is our large scale Bondage Whorse.  Measuring a whopping 1.70 meters tall and 1.4 meters long this one of a kind, heavy duty whipping horse takes our collection to new heights in the surreal.  The tail can be removed and used as a whip, whilst the head is a real skull sculpture fashioned with horse hair.  Our Head Mistress hammered the copper saddle design herself as well as the shining Iron Cross plate found on the leg.  The victim of your affections can be chained or tied by being secured with the 4 bondage O Rings found around its stand.