1. Irreversible– This film is unique in that it actually uses techniques of psychological warfare to make the audience sick. The US Army, after researching various sounds and ranges and pitches of sound have found that certain pitches will cause nausea, discomfort, vomiting, unease, headaches and other symptoms. This is useful for mind control and audio warfare- by blasting these sounds at our enemies, we can theoretically disable and defeat them using nothing but certain sound frequencies. Drawing on that research, Gasper Noe fills up the first 10 minds of Irreversible with exactly those sounds designed to make you sick, and he combines them with bizarre hallucinogenic hyperactive camera work that will leave you dizzy. The combination of jarring visuals and disturbing sounds immediately throws the viewer off base and makes her or him extremely vulnerable to the film that follows. And the film that follows contains two of the most upsetting and disturbing moments in the history of cinema. One is a head crushed with a fire extinguisher and the other is a ten minute extremely violent rape that is captured in one long shot with no edits. The rapist smashes his victims head into the concrete as he rapes and sodomizes her. These two scenes both qualify Irreversible to be a major headfuck of a film that will leave you traumatized. The entire film is frenetic and insane with an atmosphere of fear and violence, leading to the creation of a film you absolutely will never ever forget.

  2. August Underground MORDUM– What the fuck did I just watch? I screamed these words in frustration after seeing the second August Underground film, August Underground MORDUM, which has the same lunatics as the first film (including co-director Fred Vogel of Toe Tag Productions) with the addition of Michael Maggot, who also helped with direction, production and special gore effects. This is pretty close to a snuff movie and it really fucks with your head. The film follows a gang of horrible cruel psychopaths who go on a spree committing every criminal act and sexual deviancy possible, from incest to necrophilia to cutting woman’s stomach open and having a character fuck her stomach hole until he cums. There’s also forced puke eating and all types of torture and murder. Highlights involve forcing a man to castrate himself then raping his wife with the severed penis. This is a film that was too much for me, mostly because of the crazy kinetic energy brought by Michael Todd Schneider aka Michael Maggot. There are several different cuts of this film, the most disturbing cut being the official maggot cut that can be order from maggotfilms.com. This film is also significant in that it stars the late great Killjoy from the band Necrophagia. In one horrific scene he rapes the corpse of a little girl and then he and his friends take turns eating maggots out of the hole in her head. Yes, it’s that fucking nasty cruel and insane.

  3. Philosophy of a Knife– This Russian film is based on the cruelties and war crimes perpetrated against the Chinese by the Japanese during World War 2 in the Nanking Area. The infamous Unit 731 engaged in barbaric tortures against hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women, and children, in what can be called one of the greatest misfortunes in the history of the world. A common practice was to grab a baby from its mother, throw it up on the air, and then let the baby land on a bayonet, instantly killing it in front of the mother. Barbaric medical experiments were carried out that were rivalled only by the horrendous acts of war against of humanity committed by Josef Mengele at the Auschwitz death camp during World War 2. Several films have been made based on the atrocities committed by Unit 731, such as Men Behind The Sun, but none of them compare to Philosophy of a Knife, which is close to 5 hours of torture after torture. In one scene that turned my stomach a cockroach is put into a woman/s vagina, and it crawls under her skin throughout her body. The camera lingers on her skin with the bug visible behind it as it made its way throughout the body. In addition to all the torture, there is also an interview with a KGB official with extensive knowledge of the torture. This interview landed writer/director/producer Andrey Iskanov in the hands of the KGB for approximately a week as they interrogated him about what he had learned and revealed. Iskanov is a special effects master and with a very very low budget is able to gross out his audience for hours upon hours, as we see literally every torture you can imagine plus many more you couldn’t even imagine. Watching this movie was extremely difficult and painful and it is hard to surpass POAK in terms of violence and cruelty. That it is based on reality makes it that much more difficult to stomach.

  4. Next up we have two Uwe Boll films, and the first one is STOIC, which takes place overnight in a jail cell with 4 cellmates. When the film starts they are playing cards, and when it is dead there are 3 living cellmates and one dead cell mate who had been tortured to death and raped all night. So basically, this film is three people torturing a third in a very small claustrophobic prison cell. The tortures and the insanity are extremely difficult to watch, as is the ending and the murder of the last cell mate. There are almost no extras and the vast majority of the film takes place in one claustrophobic cell with 4 occupants. In other words, director Uwe Boll had made a classic piece of extreme cinema and he did it on an ultra-low budget consisting of two rooms, 4 actors, 4 or 5 extras, and no props but a tube of toothpaste. Speaking of toothpaste, you may never brush your teeth again after viewing this film. It does for toothpaste what Jaws did for sharks- you’ll never look at a tube of toothpaste the same after you see the film. One thing that makes this film great is the buildup. The tension starts right away and gets more and more intense until the final denouement which is almost too awful to watch.

  5. The next Boll film is RAMPAGE, and I’m not sure which of his films is more disturbing. The plot is simple- a young psychopath dresses up in bullet proof suit, blows up the police station, killing all the police officers, then he walks around town killing literally everybody. He kills at least 100 people, there is a murder at least every minute of the film, and it is all quite disturbing. Our killer has a philosophy and thinks he is doing something to change the world, when really he is just mowing down dozens of innocent bystanders. The ending is extremely twisted and disturbing, as SPOILER ALERT the killer frames someone else and gets away with his crime in a super surprise ending that is shocking for many reasons. The intensity of the acting and the violence and the mass murders are so radical and extreme that it is hard to just passively watch the film. I felt myself caught up with the violence in the film, as if I were a character in the film. It is a tribute to the film’s power that it pulls in the audience in such a way that disassociation from the film is impossible. There’s a killing spree, and you, the audience member, are a part of it. Shocking, brutal, sadistic, twisted, and outright evil- RAMPAGE has a special place in my heart, for it took me to dark places I have never been to before. And it is an experience I can never forget. A truly powerful yet awfully brutal masterpiece, perhaps Boll’s finest film.

  6. The Untold Story is a Hong Kong Cat 3 classic. Cat 3 films, short for Category 3, are Hong Kong’s equivalent of an NC-17 or XXX and they contain brutal violence and graphic sex, usually rape. The Untold Story is unfortunately a true story of an act of mega-violence that is almost too horrifying to describe. There’s a woman with 8 kids, all under 15 or so, and a maniac brutally rapes her and then kills all the children. It’s truly atrocious and the acting is so good you’ll feel like you are watching a documentary. There are plenty of sick moments in the film, but the massacre scene is really hard to beat in terms of sadistic gruesome horrible child murder and rape/mutilation. If you have never seen a CAT 3 I’d start with this one.

  7. Run and Kill is the second Hong Kong CAT 3 film on the list, and it is one motherfucker of a film. A crazed gangster goes on a rampage against a man and his family. In one of the most depraved scenes I have ever seen the gangster grabs the man’s baby girl from him and then blowtorches it to death in front of the father. It’s mean, ugly, sick- and totally unforgettable. I don’t mean to ignore the rest of the film which is consistently fucked up but the baby blowtorch scene may leave you feeling sick and you may not be able to finish the film. The innocent man then goes berserk and chases after the gangster for a bloody remarkable finale of blood revenge and murder. Be warned- this is a rough film to watch, especially if you have any sympathy towards little innocent baby girls.

  8. Human Centipede 2– This film easily made the list. The first Human Centipede film is a twisted violent film but without much of a body count. The sequel far outdoes the original in terms of depravity. Instead of a 3-person human centipede, there are a dozen people in this human centipede. There are scenes of barb wire masturbation which are difficult to forget, as is the scene when the main character witnesses a psychopath fucking brutally murder his mother with a shot gun. But don’t worry he gets his in the end. Perhaps the most infamous scene involves a baby being crushed to death. The climax of the film is utterly nihilistic and violent and he leaves behind no survivors. A twisted film about perverse sexual practices and forced shit eating. Every fan of extreme film must watch this movie, with its overweight and grotesque main character and his psychiatrist who jokes about raping his client. The film is also funny too, and the killer recruits his victims by promising them they can audition for a Quentin Tarantino flick.

  9. Salo– Any film based on Marquis de Sade’s 120 Days of Sodom is going to be extreme. Any film whose director is murdered in the streets is going to be controversial. This is a story of people in power abusing young people in every possible way, from rape to torture. What pushes this Italian film over the line, for me at least, was the great big banquet of shit eating. Don’t like to see people forced to eat shit? Then don’t see the film. It’s a cruel film, filled with child abuse and just about every other form of abuse possible, but it tries to make a point about modern society. There are too many forms of cruelty for me to name them all, but all you need to know is that it is based on the works of uber sadist Marquis de Sade.

  10. Seven Days– This French film begins with a little girl viciously raped and murdered by a serial sex criminal. Somehow her surgeon father abducts the killer and takes him to an isolated torture chamber for 7 days of non-stop torture. Because the torturer is a surgeon, he knows how to rearrange his victim’s insides so that his anus is moved to the middle of his stomach. He wakes up sick with diarrhea and to his shock- and ours- diarrhea squirts out of a hole the good doctor drilled into his side. The acting is a little too real and when one character chokes another we can see him turn blue. For the first few days the surgeon says nothing, he just coldly tortures his victim, before they finally discuss the crime that started everything. The murder at the beginning is shocking as is the hour of torture that follows. Toward the end of the movie I was so sick I just wanted it to end, and finally the film ends and I had to smoke a good deal of marijuana to get my head on straight.

These are my 10 sicko films, everyone should see them, and I’ll see you next issue!